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G.A.A.B Network 

CCC Entertainment

Chief Executive Officer

Vending, Media & Marketing Director

Author & BVP Publishing Producer


G.A.A.B NETWORK & CCC Entertainment

CEO & Creative Director

Safiya Jerome, CEO

"Building-up our community with unity literature, educational programs, business services, entertainment and arts. I aim to grow a conscious community and create a wealthy African & Native American economy".

My slogan

"We Make The Changes We Want To See"

Fashions By TJ

Vending & 

Marketing Partner

Takiyah Henderson


"Teaching African awareness through fashion and arts to inspire positive reflections of ourselves and our culture".

MY slogan

"Fashion is my passion"

Pierre Anthony

CCC Entertainment &

Cool Cat Clan

Creative Director of Music and Art

COO, Chief Operations Officer

Pierre Anthony

Cool Cat Clan (CCC) Entertainment 

Vice Chairman


"Expression through music, style, art and creativity is a platform best used to service our community and to uplift each other in joyful ways".

My slogan

"Cool Cat Clan is peace, soul & love"

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Pierre Anthony

  • Singer
  • Song Writer
  • Musician
  • Model
  • Producer


YouTube: @ PierreAnthony5

Twitter: @ Pcuttaanthony

Sound Cloud: P. Anthony

Instagram: @ PierreAnthony5

Facebook: @ PierreAnthony 


Featured Song "Remember" 

Copyright 2022 

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Instagram: Alfundzmusic

Twitter: @mynameisAlfundz

Phone: (929) 529-3801

  • Reggae
  • Hip Hop
  • Song Writer
  • Actor

Featured Song "DMASTER4" 

by Movahz & Lawdz 

Copyright 2022

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Washington DC Partner


  • Rapper
  • Singer
  • Song Writer
  • Artist
  • Producer


YouTube @ Wisdom Inc


Featured Song "Spice it up" by Angel w/Dirty Wingz with Melissa V. Neal Copyright 2018

Madison, Wisconsin


Member Highlight


"Dark City Monster"

Coloring book

By Author Michael Ward

Inspirational coloring book of abstract arts for children of all ages.

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