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Petition To: United States Supreme Court

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It is my privilege to be the first to sign petition as part owner here. It is time that all our Native African American and Native American Indian citizens get on one accord. People of brown skin suffer the afflictions everywhere across the globe. The poverty, hardship and obstacles our communities face are of the same perilous plight. We aim to get justice, to create complete change of American laws across all states. And I ask from the bottom of my heart that if you see something wrong with this system that you fight to change the laws with me. Together we stand - Divided we fall - One America - Equal rights for all! 

Safiya J. Ward, New York Citizen


Stephanie Jerome, New York

We declare our rights to be a man. To be human beings, to be given the rights of a human being in this society on this day which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary" Malik El-Hajj Shabazz -aka- (Malcom X)

Pierre Ward, New York

I have a split heritage of aboriginal Native American and African Slave I've had stolen from my homeland. Don't want revenge. Just proper reparations equivalent to this day and time!

Barry Parker, New York

Our current justice system is not entirely fair and just. It's unfortunate that all Americans aren't treated fairly and equally. This remains and happens over and over again. We the people are calling for a change so that law applies to everyone no matter their color, race, religious background or gender.

Alphonso Brown, New York  

We need to see change.

Takiyah Jerome, New York

Equal Rights - Long Overdue

Melody Williams, New York   

Things need to be done asap

Kaleaf Jones, New York 

East Orange

Heather-Sky McField New Jersey 


Michelle Hutcherson, New York  

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, infact, no liberty without it.

We ALL deserve what we work extremely hard for. Us as Black people, Africans has went through and still till this day go through injustice. We need to be acknowledged, rewarded, and highly respected for our works. We suffered long enough. Treat us as people, human beings, citizens of a country we've built off our blood, sweat, and pressure!!! Accomplishing this is just the tip of the iceberg we deserve way more but this is a start. Give us our Justice and our just due!!!

Onaje Brown , New York

Let me know

Adrian Gandy, New York 

Full Support

Shawn Griffith, 

Thank you

Shirley Richardson, NY

Thank you

Aisha Jones, 

Justice for all!

Anthony Jerome, NY

I too am in total agreement with the fact that change has to be enacted from legislative means to create the outcomes that are most beneficial for my community.

Natural Spring, NY 

Much love to your work

Wayne. Devonish, New York 

No one is equal until everyone is.

Trae Herman-Durica, NY

Black Power

Malik Callender, New York 

Let us strive for the good of humanity, equality, and justice.

Essence Weldon, 

As a ppl we want justice

Keenya Murray, New York 

I am seeking justice for all people who have been oppressed in the United States of America. We are not free until we all receive the same treatment. We must all have equal access to resources that will make us successful individuals and communities.  

Kimberly Vearnon, NC 

Treat us like people! We all deserve justice and humanity.

Tamara H Walker, NY 

I agree.

If you want to go quickly go alone. If you want to go far go together. African Proverb

Shamein Rodgers, Maryland 

I stand with and support you

JOCELYN WINGATE, North Carolina 

Civil rights

Paul Juma, NY 

Equal Rights for all

Michele Anderson, Nyc 

All humans created equal deserve equal rights. 

Shani A. Faure, New York

Equal Rights for All

Tiffani Gautier, New York 

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